Credible Blooms Ltd is managed by highly qualified and experienced professionals who have been in flower industry In Kenya for over two decades. The growing is manned by a technical team specialized on crop husbandry and pest control backed by young dedicated and industrious staff.

Variety Selection

Varieties are carefully selected with close consultations with our overseas clients. Before any new variety is put on commercial production, samples from breeders are shipped to our main customers abroad and subjected to professional vase life testing. Once the varieties are widely accepted by our markets then planting is done as a commercial trial or full commercial production based on the facts gathered during the process. Other factors like productivity and crop protection costs are taken in to account too. Credible Blooms has over 40 varieties of roses on commercial production from both farms. Plans are underway to introduce other types of flowers to better our basket.

Post Harvesting

Customer requirements are taken in to account from Harvesting, treatment, pre-cooling, grading and packing. Pack house team of well trained and experienced staff ensure that only flowers of required specifications reach the designated customers. We are flexible to special value adding activities like sleeving, special bunching, Bouquet making and specialised packing. Shipments are done daily to ensure only fresh flowers from farm reach the market.

In the pack house flowers are sized, sorted according to head size and cut stage, Bunched, sleeved and packed according to the customers specification.  Before bunches are recorded as export quality they are subjected to a quality control process as certified as fit for export. A traceability code is put on each bunch to enable us track the source of the flower in case of any quality complaints abroad. Cut-stage requirement for various markets is put in to consideration during the grading process. All cold chain protocols are observed right from the farm to the final destination. This guarantees freshness and good vase life for the flowers. Most of our roses last for over 10 days on the vase.



All logistical requirements are handled by Pigeon blooms staff (sister company) who are specialised in sourcing, consolidation and export of flowers to many destinations across the globe. We have our staff stationed at the airport who perform quality control and processing of the required export documents. With the support of our reliable freight forwarders we are able to organize shipments to new destinations on short notice. The staff in Nairobi office coordinate drop of points and cut off time for each consignment


Credible Blooms has been able to consistently produce high quality roses that have been widely accepted with great appreciation in all our markets. Our countries of export include Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, France, Norway, Japan, Australia,, Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, China,  Middle East, and Nigeria among other African states.

Future Plans

Credible Blooms has plans to purchase additional 20ha piece land for future expansion. The farm is in pursuit of Fair-trade certification and is targeting special supermarket chains in Europe and USA.  We are researching on other types of flowers, Avocados, and Vegetables as a way of diversifying in our future expansion.